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How to fix a window border neon

No need to have your window border neon out because a section broke , send us the information and we will ship you a replacement.Watch the video and see how easy it is to replace a neon section .

This video will show you how easy is to replace a broken section of neon on the border of a window.

information needed;


Measure lenght of neon section


Protect your window Border Neon with acrylic

Window border neon

Protect your investment protect your window border neon with a strong L shaped acrylic.
size 32 inches long,3/16 thick,with three pre drilled holes for installation to the window frame.
It also protects customers from touching the neon especially from children,so if you have an existing window border neon installed in your store don't wait until somebody breaks it , protect it .

$22.80 Each
Free Shipping



If you have any questions please e-mail them to




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