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Replacing a Neon Transformer

How do you know that the transformer doesn't work?

Please read the "Troubleshooting section"

To replace a neon transformer is very simple you just have to be very careful when disconnecting the transformer wires connected to the neon.

Read the section on the "How to Repair a Neon Sign" page on how to take the end caps off the neon Sign.

neon sign replacement transformer

To order a new transformer you will need the information on the back of the transformer,specifically the Output voltage.


Neon Transformer screws

There are two screws on each side of the transformer that will have to be removed in order to remove the transformer and you have to also disconnect the wires from the neon .

The new transformer will probably be a little different so you will probably have to make new holes for the screws for the new transformer. To order a new transformer go to the page"Neon Sign Replacement Parts

Questions e-mail to theneonsignguy@gmail.com






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